5.26.20 Sewa Bhawan Hospital

5.26.20 Sewa Bhawan Hospital, Jagdeeshpur, Chhattisgarh, Central India

“We are so thankful for several organizations who worked together to provide us with a good number of PPEs and surgical masks at a subsidized rate. Here we are, a struggling mission hospital in a rural village of Mahasamund, and we are being well taken care of by our mission partners!

On May 25 we started our second phase of food distribution, targeting 500 families and focusing on 14 tribal villages in Basna, Pithora, and Kasdol. Our first phase served 390 families, with the government providing the rice and our team adding other foods, medicine, and hygiene kits—all given out to the elderly, widows, those with disabilities, palliative care and mental health patients, and the poor and needy.

One of the greatest struggles we’ve faced during this lockdown has been getting blood and oxygen to Sewa Bhawan from more than 60-100 miles away. We very much appreciate the district blood bank in Mahasamund for all the help they’ve extended to us. We also thank Champa Christian Hospital for their support.

Having a state and a district with sensible and sensitive leaders really makes a great difference. My homeland and the land where I now live are blessed with many such warriors. Saying prayers for the decision makers and frontline workers in India. Together we will win!”

~ Mrs. Merin Thomas, Senior Administrative Officer

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