6.12.20 Chinchpada Christian Hospital

Chinchpada Christian Hospital is led by Dr. Deepak Singh and his wife, Dr. Ashita. Located in Maharashtra, Chinchpada serves a mostly poor population of farmers.

“The state of Maharashtra has had more cases (132,000) than any other, and 6,170 deaths. Our district has had 45 positive cases so far, all of which were treated at the government district hospital. These COVID-19 patients seem to have been mild to moderately sick. We’ve only had one death in our district.

With the monsoon rains coming, our biggest needs are a covered walkway for patients and a temporary shed for the flu clinic (which would cost $1,300 each).

Fear and anxiety are very prevalent here. Many have lost their livelihoods. Some patients have been brought into our hospital with deliberate self harm. There is a strange mix of being unaffected by the pandemic and having fear of death and disease at the same time. Life here is not taken that seriously due to how commonplace disease and death are.

We have adopted 500 families and brought food packages to them in April and May. We are working on our third cycle of distribution.

Thank you for your support and prayers.”

~ Dr. Deepak Singh, Senior Administrative Officer

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