6.18.20 Madhipura Christian Hospital

Madhipura Christian Hospital has had a wide impact in caring for challenged families during the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic. This hospital has exceeded its goal in caring for hungry families during the crisis, reaching nearly 3,000 families with food packs designed to meet the needs of a family of five for a month.

“This has been possible only through the wonderful generosity of God’s people throughout the world. At around $27 per family, our limited resources have been stretched unbelievably, like the widow’s oil in the story of Elisha. God is a miracle-working God and we are so grateful to every person He has used to bless us with their love, prayers, and support.

Our initial target of 500 families has been exceeded many times over and we hope to cross 3,000 this week. We are now planning longer-term livelihood programs to build on what has been started among these poor people. May God bless all of you and also the continued work here in Madhipura.”

~ Dr. Arpit Mathew Jacob, Managing Director and Senior Administrative Officer

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