Update from Saira Paulose, EHA India Executive Director

All across EHA locations, community spread of COVID is happening.

Duncan Hospital has been enlisted as a designated COVID hospital with 50 beds allocated on the top floor of the IP building. Government has provided testing kits.

DHR – 8 staff from CHDP and their spouses have been tested positive. 2 consultants and others positive. Count between 25 – 30. A few children also have tested positive.

PJH – Two staff tested positive.

BCH – Fatehpur had 3 but all have recovered.

KCH – Kachhwa had one support staff test positive but has recovered.

BMCH – Alipur has one lady staff admitted in Silchar medical college.

BCH – Tezpur had one staff test positive but recovered.

CCH – Chinchpada – One staff tested positive but has recovered. Chinchpada also is a designated COVID hospital.

CCH – Chhattarpur – One staff tested positive for both Typhoid and COVID. He has recovered.

HCH – Herbertpur – a couple among the support staff tested postive. 

Relief work is almost over. We are looking at what to do next. Since most of the neighboring facilities are shut down, our hospitals are getting patients, but there are challenges with many staff on quarantine and a lot of stress related to shortage of on-duty staff and also fear of contracting COVID. By God’s grace so far, no serious cases have happened among the staff.

The Delhi office is open, but based on the requirement, most of us are continuing to work from home. RGB is starting from 24th August and will go on till 5th September. We are having online meetings with two units presenting each day.

Kindly pray that God will provide the necessary resources for central office as well as community health programs.

Thank you for your continued support.

Saira Paulose
Executive Director
Emmanuel Hospital Association

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