Prayer requests update on the Covid situation in our hospitals

Prayer requests update on the Covid situation in our hospitals:

  • Duncan Hospital, Bihar – Managing Director Dr. Prabhu Joseph is Covid positive. He is one of 30 staff who are unwell with mild Covid symptoms.
  • Madhipura Christian Hospital, Bihar – gearing up to take in Covid patients. Have sought permission from the District authorities.
  • Chinchpada Christian Hospital, Maharashtra – A brief note of their status from Dr. Deepak:
    “The pandemic has really hit us hard. Patient load wise it has gone up considerably. These are not people with mild disease but all ages with moderate to severe illness. Many people come to us with saturations bordering on 50%. The bed strength had to be increased in response to the rising numbers and we have 84 beds instead of the regular 50. Our plan was to increase to at least 75 before the end of this year.
    Staffing: We do need all the help we can get. Four nurses have been hired and we hope that we can take in some more to tide over this crisis. A doctor has come from Mussoorie. Our request would be that units who do have people they can spare please send them for a month or 2 so that we can manage.
    Infection rates: 4 of our staff have been infected. 5 as of today this despite being vaccinated. Please do pray that no one else gets infected.
    The patients and their families struggle. it is very hot and they need to travel great distances to come and meet the doctors and bring consumables for their loved ones.
    All in all it is a tragedy which is unfolding before us. Our request would be for the team to hold up as we face sorrow and death every day.
    We had 18 admissions yesterday, 11 discharges, and 2 deaths.”

    One doctor mentioned that she is absolutely exhausted.
  • Sewa Bhawan Hospital, Jagdishpur, Chhatisgarh – is making preparations for 25 beds (50% of their capacity) to be Covid beds. Please pray they will be able to get the Oxygen flow meters required, which are in short supply in many parts of the State. There is a shortage of oxygen in the State capital which is 150 kms from the hospital and patients have already started coming from long distances for admission.
  • Champa Christian Hospital, Champa, Chhatisgarh – 36 beds have been designated as Covid beds. The hospital has started taking in patients.
  • Prem Jyoti Community Hospital, Barharwa, Jharkhand – Has been asked by the District authorities to designate beds for Covid patients. This 30 bed hospital has designated 15 beds for Covid patients. They are making preparation to open the Covid ward next week.
  • Herbertpur Christian Hospital, Uttarakhand – have been asked by the District authorities to designate 50% of their beds for Covid care. For now, they are making preparations to designate 50 beds for this purpose of which 6 will be ICU beds for the severe cases. A total of 9 women in the Community Homes and community health department staff are Covid positive.
  • Landour Community Hospital, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand – They are seeing symptomatic patients and sending RT-PCR samples every day. Approximately a fifth of those being tested are returning positive. The situation in Mussoorie is not looking good with cases on the rise.
  • Chhatarpur Christian Hospital, Madhya Pradesh – The 14 Covid beds have been inadequate for the number coming. They are expanding their facilities to accommodate 60 Covid patients. Please pray for the Physician Dr Lesli Ponraj and the team, caring for the patients. Several staff have been ill with flu like symptoms.
  • Lakhnadon Christian Hospital, Madhya Pradesh – The District authorities have decided to keep the hospital as a stand-by Covid care centre for 2 to 3 months. They are going to use the infrastructure for a maximum of 30 Covid patients. They plan to place doctors and nursing staff to look after these covid patients.
  • Baptist Christian Hospital, Tezpur, Assam – A staff, a family member of hers and a Nursing student are Covid positive. The hospital has yet to admit Covid patients and is in the process of getting the Isolation Ward ready. On an average, they see 5-6 Covid positive cases daily and this is expected to increase.
  • Broadwell Christian Hospital, Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh – Some of the staff have developed flu-like symptoms.
  • Kachhwa Christian Hospital, Kachhwa, Uttar Pradesh – Mr Shankar the Senior Administrative Officer has been diagnosed with typhoid. Shankar’s family are Covid positive. 10 staff are C-19 positive. The hospital is admitting C-19 patients. Getting oxygen seems to be a challenge. The surrounding areas seems to be rife with Covid.
  • Central Office – We are so thankful that Isaac Singh has been discharged today from hospital, having been Covid positive. His wife is unwell. Some of our staff, their families both in Central office and SHALOM are Covid positive.
  • Several of our Hospitals are vaccination centres.

We covet your prayers.

Margaret Kurian
For Emmanuel Hospital Association

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