Update from Herbertpur Hospital

We are incredibly grateful for your concern, care, and support during this pandemic. We were very much encouraged seeing how you all stand with us during difficult times. The Herbertpur Christian Hospital was designated as a COVID hospital by the state government of Uttarakhand and began functioning as a COVID hospital starting in April. We began with 7 ICU beds and 30 oxygen beds but due to the severity of the problem, we have been forced to increase the available COVID beds to 10 ICU beds and 40 oxygen beds. As of May 7th, the following are the updates of our services for COVID patients:

  1. 127 Patients came to HCH emergency with COVID-19 symptoms in 20 days.
  2. 92 patients got admitted HCH COVID ward and ICU in the last 20 days.
  3. 32 Patients got discharged and went home.
  4. 18 Patients died with Covid in last 20 days in HCH.
  5. HCH is doing RTPCR test and Antigen test in partnership with a private laboratory
    and around 500 tests were done in the last two weeks.
  6. Campus children are doing volunteer jobs for food packing for patients and staff.
  7. Community Health team is working with the hospital staff in flu clinic, RTPCR lab,
    Covid ward.
  8. Many staff have become positive but are not seriously ill
  9. A few crucial staff whose parents back home have fallen sick had to go to take care
    of them.
  10. The nursing school and the community health work are temporarily shut down.
  11. HCH is continuing to serve the non-COVID patients which is making the human
    resource management difficult.
    Currently all 40 beds with oxygen are full and all 10 ICU beds are occupied. We are
    providing patients free food for patients everyday all three meals.

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