Prayer Requests from the North-Central Region

Kachhwa Christian Hospital, Kachhwa


  • Please pray for all the logistical and renovation work as we are expanding our bed capacity to cater to more patients. 
  • Pray for the procurement of all equipment that have been ordered.
  • Pray for the patients to be healed who are admitted.
  • Pray for non-Covid patients who come, especially snake bite patients. Pray for their treatment and recovery. 
  • Pray for the staff, for unity, love and compassion as we receive and treat patients.
  • Pray for the smooth installation of oxygen generation plant that is due to come this month end.
  • Pray for the desperate need of a senior consultant and a medical officer for the Hospital.
  • Pray for wisdom in the use of all the funds that have come for Covid care.

Jiwan Jyoti Christian Hospital – Robertsganj


  • Thanks for sustaining us throughout the pandemic. 
  • Thanks for providing good health to every staff. 
  • Thanks for the healing of Covid Positive staff & now they are back on duty. 


  • Pray for providing us a Gynaecologist, Physician & Anaesthetist. 
  • Pray for the court cases –Consumer & blood transfusion case. 
  • Pray for hospital Land case. 
  • Pray for unity among staff & leaders. 
  • Pray for the NOC of fire for Eye Complex building. 
  • Pray for providing us a lab technician & Nurse Anaesthetist. 
  • Pray for our district Sonbhadra, people are affected by Covid and the health system are inadequate to take care. 

Prem Sewa Hospital, Utraula

Pray for

  • God’s strength and peace to face this crisis without fear. 
  • Staff understand the crisis and work with unity.
  • Staff who are isolated and recovering from symptoms.
  • Staff to come out of mental trauma of stigma and discrimination.
  • Staff and family protection, Staff understand the severity of the pandemic and abide with protocols. 
  • HR Needs – Consultant Gynae/Obs after June, Urgent need of Pharmacist, Administrator
  • COVID 19: Migrants returning from Delhi and Mumbai, Protection of staff and community from pandemic, Community distribution of rations during COVID.
  • Oxygen availability and permission from DM/ CMO for accessing it. 
  • Wisdom for dealing with the 2nd wave of Corona and using the available funds wisely.
  • Palliative patients nearing end of Life and disabled persons.
  • Increasing cases and deaths in Utraula Block 
  • Setting up of 10 bedded Covid care Centre, timely availability of resources during Lockdown 
  • Financial stability Recovery from deficit and upcoming Audit
  • Need for staff quarters construction.

Broadwell Christian Hospital, Fatehpur

Praise God:

  • For all his provisions.
  • For the team and each member of the team.
  • For healing of our staff who were sick.

 Praying for

  • Smooth running of Covid Ward which was started on 3rd May 
  • Staff – Medical and Nursing, those who are working in these areas as well as other areas.
  • Supply of required materials – Oxygen, Medicines, Masks & Sanitizers, PPEs, required equipment etc,
  • Required funds to procure these.
  • More understanding between staff and growing faith.
  • Safety of staff who travels to different places for procurement of Oxygens etc.
  • Our SAO as he leads the team at this difficult time.

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