Prayer Request from the Central Region



  • The decreasing patients from Covid
  • Many patients who have gone home well
  • many staff who had infection have recovered.
  • Provision of all our needs
  • The new oxygen generator


  • Many people who have lost loved ones.
  • Many of our staff who have lost parents and close relatives. some parents are still sick.
  • The many patients who are coming in sick. 4 are on ventilator.
  • Preparation for 3rd wave
  • Rest for the staff
  • The emotional and physical exhaustion that the pandemic has brought with it.
  • The many poor people who suffer without any test or treatment.



  • Praise God for keeping us safe.
  • Praise God for being our Jehova Jireh and providing our needs.
  • Praise God for healing the covid patient those who are admitted in our
  • Praise God for giving extra strength and knowledge to our doctor’s,
    nurses and other staff.
  • Praise God for staff willingness to work for covid patients.

Prayer Points:

  •  Pray for the staff health.
  • Pray for the increase patient number in the O.P.D
  • Pray for the patient’s those who are admitted in the covid ward for
    their speedy recovery.
  • Pray for the prevention from post covid complication.



  • Mrs Amita Babu, 55 yrs (old staff), has passed away on 17th May. Please pray for the Rev Shyam Babu her husband and 3 children.
  • Mr Sanskar Yogi , 35 yrs ( Old project staff) younger brother of Mr Uphar Yogi, also passed away on 18th May, Pray for his wife and children.
  • We thank God for his provision, two months’ salary paid.
  • Staff family members and Christian youth have been motivated for vaccination.
  • Pray that we resume hospital medical services & future development plan.
  • Pray for the safety of all staff and for security of campus.



  • Praise god for the safety and protection of all the staffs till now in the midst of covid. Some of our staffs are covid positive but they are recovering.
  • Thank god for the encouragement from lot of known and unknown people whoever praying for us and supporting from us whatever they can.
  • Praise god for all the government staffs whoever supporting us. This includes drug inspector and pcpndt authorities.
  • Praise god for the uninterrupted oxygen supply so far in the midst of ultra-shortage everywhere.
  • We could able to get the oxygen concentrators and all the equipments whatever we have ordered reached on time in the midst of complete lockdown.
  • Thank god for all the patients whoever got discharged from the covid-19 ward in good condition. So far 70 patients got admitted.
  • Praise God for the enthusiastic staffs and their commitment.
  • Praise god for the good quality bipap machines we got on time.
  • Praise god that Dr Simeon, pulmonologist who joined from the 1st week of this month to help in covid management.
  • Vaccination of rest of the staffs.


  • Further protection of all the staff. Almost 24 news staff we have whoever not vaccinated.
  • Quick infrastructure development to cope up with increase in no of covid cases management.
  • Pray for other appropriate funds – CT,  ICU HDU set up.
  • Pray for the staffs relative who is quite sick.
  • Pray for few more professional people to join in appropriate areas.
  • Pray for two staffs / family who lost their parents in this month.

Different Departments:

Disaster Management & Mitigation Unit

Praise points-

  • Praise God for his provision
  • Praise God for giving us faithful and generous partners.
  • Praise God for prayer warriors around us
  • Praise God His Kindness and Mercy on every staff and their family.
  • Praise God for His protection and healing hand on our family and friends.
  • Praise God for the protection of our extended team members and partners in different states.

Prayer Points-

  • Prayer for all our covid 19 response
  • Fundraising efforts to support the hospitals and the local affected community.
  • God’s strength and peace to face this crisis without fear.
  • Pray for the protection and safety of all the staff.
  • May God provide more medical resources to face the situation. 
  • May God make this country’s situation better.
  • May the leaders of the land take more decisions for the welfare of the citizen with God’s wisdom.

Community Health Department Programs:

Prayer Points

  • Pray for God’s protection and wisdom for EHA staff and family who is working on the front line claiming the Promise from Joshua 1:9 and Isaiah 41:13. 
  • Pray for God’s wisdom for the leadership management team to strengthen them with gifts of Knowledge, understanding, discernment and communication in function and providing directions during on-going pandemic, claiming the Promise from Isaiah 11:2-3 and Psalms 37:5. (Observation: Need of the hour is providing direction through communication without discrimination. The gap is in making a balance, much of the team is involved in management and less providing direction and equipping the team to function)
  • Pray for God’s divine favor on EHA staff and their family claiming Genesis 39:21, 1 Samuel 2:26, 2 kings 13:23 and Proverbs 8:35
  • Pray for God’s divine healing for EHA staff and their family members who are not keeping well claiming Psalms 102:20 and Exodus 23:25
  • Pray for God’s Provision to serve the communities he has entrusted to us, claiming 2 Corinthians 9:8-11, Philippians 4:19

Shalom, Delhi

Praise points:

  • Measure of healing given by the Lord to Thangson, Mamman (nurse), Sunita (Nurse), Ankit, Malthi -from Covid 19-they have all joined back work Thangson’s wife was also unwell, and she too has recovered.
  • Finances that have come through by God’s grace for the needs of Shalom.
  • Measure of healing given to some of our inpatients and outpatients from Covid 19.

Prayer Points:

  • Gulshan and his grandmother who are currently admitted in our ward with covid 19-for the Lord’s healing upon them both.
  • Families that we work with who are struggling financially as they have lost their sources of income.
  • For wisdom as we give out food hampers to those in need, for the first time we are getting calls from our adolescents asking if food hampers can be given to their families -there is a deep sense of desperation all around
  • Malthi our staff -her mother has Ca Cervix -pray for the radiation that needs to be given -pray that she can avail the services during lockdown.
  • For all our Shalom staff who are using buses to come to work every day -for protection on each one of them.
  • Sunita Gupta (who works in our livelihood program) lost her brother -he had a myocardial infarction and passed away two weeks back and then within a week her father-in-law passed away- pray for comfort and strength on her and her family.

Palliative Care


  • Thank and praise God for all the functioning PC teams in the different units.
  • Gratitude for the opportunity to serve the marginalised in our communities who become the most vulnerable in a pandemic situation.
  • Thank God for the palliative care approach that has become very relevant during the pandemic with so much death, grief, and loss.


  • Pray that our teams will be able to participate in the process of caring for the grieving in a powerful way and facilitate this in the various hospitals as well.
  • That we will remain protected emotionally and spiritually as we face the aftermath of loss in our communities and respond with godly attitudes and enabling.
  • That the untraced Q3 funds for Fatehpur’s PC work will be recovered and we will receive favour from concerned authorities.
  • That the healthy relationships with our current funders would be maintained for God’s glory.
  • That the PC audit for SWCT will be successfully and satisfactorily concluded

Research and Bioethics


  • To identify the next research Manager/Co-ordinator for EHA

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