Prayer Requests from the Eastern and North-Eastern Region

The Duncan Hospital

Praise Points: 

  • God has continued to protect us during the Covid pandemic. All infected staff recovered completely. 
  • Praise God for all the donors who gave. For those who kept us in prayer and were a voice for us. 
  • We were able to purchase a lot of essential equipment. 

Prayer Points: 

  • Continue to pray for the Covid work going on and for all the staff involved in the care. 
  • Pray that we will be able to handle such crises in the future in helping us to plan. 
  • Pray for the staff and families who lost loved ones in this pandemic. 
  • Pray for the pending FCRA / 80G / 12A renewals. 
  • Pray for the various infrastructure plans like the College of nursing, Staff quarters and the funding for the same. 
  • For a Surgeon / Obstetrician / Medical Officers. 
  • For more nurses.

Madhipura Christian Hospital

Praise Points:

  • God’s timely provision of oxygen cylinders every time we near the last remaining one. We have been witnessing God’s miracles as He opens unexpected doors every time our regular supplier falls short. 
  • Praise God for uneventful recovery of nursing and supporting staff who tested covid positive in the last few weeks.
  • Praise God for all the donors who lent their helping hands in our time of need.
  • Praise God for a good standing with the government and the expectations that we were able to meet. 

Prayers Points:

  • Few staff and their family members not keeping well 
  • Dr. Krupa’s father (tested covid positive) 
  • Dr. Jurgen cough and fever (RTPcr awaited) 
  • Poonam (nursing staff) – Chicken Pox 
  • We had ordered and paid for an oxygen plant but have yet not received it. Delayed by the dealer.
  • Cyclone Yaas warning has been issued by the government. Need prayers for protection for the hospital as well as Madhepura district and all other affected areas 
  • Prayer for the recovery of sick and ventilated patients in the Covid block. 
  • God’s wisdom and guidance for doctors as a lot of Covid cases with complicated comorbidities are referred to our hospital. 
  • God’s protection over all the doctors, nurses, maintenance staff, house-keeping staff etc as they work tirelessly day and night in the Covid block. 
  • As patient numbers increase and regular supplies are affected due to lockdown, need prayers for God’s timely provision of all medicines and oxygen cylinders. 
  • Prayer for all the leaders of the hospital – SAO, Admin, NS and other core members to be guided by the Spirit of God in all the decision making and action planning. 

Nav Jivan Hospital

Praise points:

  • Praise God for protecting us and have been leading us till now, during this pandemic.
  • We’re thankful to God for His faithfulness! Most of our staff, who were Covid positive, turned out negative, and have joined work as well. Praise God!
  • We praise God for the supply of Oxygen Concentrators and KN95 Masks, we’ve received. We bless the Donors!

Prayer Points:

  • Please pray for the speedy recovery of some of the staff, who are still under treatment and recovering from Covid.
  • Please pray for one of our staff having post Covid complications.
  • Please pray for our protection, and our state, Jharkhand, as we’re facing the cyclone now. Especially for the districts; Palamu, Latehar and Lohardaga.
  • Please pray to God, so that all the assets we have received as donations, be installed properly, and utilised to the maximum, to serve as a blessing to many people of this region.
  • Please pray for the protection of the staff and their families, especially those working in the Covid ward.
  • Please pray to God, to ask for us, wisdom and guidance in the coming time for the smooth running of the Hospital.

Prem Jyoti Community Hospital

Praise Point:

  • God’s guidance and protection over the past month.
  • Praise God for the approved grants from Azim PremJi foundation and TATA Trust.
  • Praise God for our friends and well wishers who prayed and donated generously.
  • We were able to purchase a lot of essential equipment. 
  • For the good understanding and relationship with district administration.

Prayer Points: 

  • God’s continuous protection for our staff especially covid ward staff.
  • Pray for pending 12A & 80G revalidation process.
  • Pray for the ongoing purchase plannings.
  • To God send a surgeon and OG consultant.
  • To overcome the financial stress and improve financially.
  • For God’s continued protection and guidance for the management team.

Baptist Christian Hospital

Praise Points 

  • Praise God for Covid ward which became functional from 20th May 2021. 
  • Praise God for donors and well-wishers who graciously supported us for setting up Covid ward and purchase of equipment’s. 
  • Praise God that 5 staff who recovered from Covid and resumed their duty. 
  • Praise God for gracious donation from FOV UK and INTERSERVE USA for purchase of Oxygen Generation Plant. 
  • Praise God for the increase in number of inpatient and outpatient as compared to previous year in the month of April and May. 
  • Praise God for the availability of Pediatrician who will be joining from 1st June 2021. 

Prayer Points 

  • Please continue to pray for the HR needs- Radiologist and anesthetist
  • Pray for staff who are posted in Covid ward. 
  • Pray for the required PENDING GRANT from TATA Trusts for completion of Operation Theatre Complex Project. 
  • Pray for the process of applying for 12A registration and FCRA renewal. 
  • Pray for the spiritual growth of our staff. 
  • Pray for the Godly wisdom and guidance to BCH leadership team.  
  • Pray for required permission from University to start the college of Nursing and for the funding required for college building. 
  • Pray for newly joined Deputy Commissioner (DC) and superintendent of Police (SP)for the cordial relationship with hospital. 
  • Please pray for Dr.Rebecca Sinate –Regional Director, NE Regions for godly wisdom and guidance in her role as RD.  

Burrows Memorial Christian Hospital

Praise Points:  

  • Praise God for protecting us during the present pandemic. Some of our staff who were tested positive for Covid19 have recovered completely.  
  • Praise God for His provision, protection and guidance.  
  • We were able to renovate our hospital O.T, remaining wards and our devotion hall with the help and support of NHM, Govt. of Assam.  
  • We praise God for all the support and help received from our EHA Central Office.  
  • We praise God for all the Donors and Prayer partners who have supported us in various ways.  
  • We praise God for all the support and cooperation received from the Health Authorities of our State. They have continued to supply us RAT kits free of cost.  

Prayer Points:  

  • Continue to pray for the speedy recovery of our Staff who were tested positive for Covid19. They all have mild symptoms.  
  • Pray that we will be able to handle such crises and overcome all the challenges. 
  • Pray for the pending FCRA / 80G / 12A renewals.  
  • Pray for the required funds to construct the College of Nursing.  
  • We are in urgent need of an Obstetrician /Physician.  
  • Pray for the safety of all our staff, family members and our students.   

Makunda Christian Hospital

Praise Points:

  • Praise God for all the blessings (good health, cure & healing, building construction, opening of New COVID Ward, agriculture products, etc.) 
  • Praise God for those who have vaccinated 1st and 2nd Dose. 
  • Praise God for those who celebrates birthday in this month. 

Prayer Points: 

  • Pray for the in charges of all departments and wards for God’s guidance, protection, wisdom and strength.  
  • Pray earnestly for staffs who are serving in COVID Ward for their physical, spiritual and mental health and speedy recovery of patients in the COVID Ward and also speedy recovery of our staffs who are in home quarantine. 
  • Pray for our country’s leaders and health departments to improve and manage properly in health care. Pray for wisdom and unity. 
  • Pray for all the development works in Makunda (Agriculture and construction works) 
  • Pray for staff children’s health and study life. May God give wisdom and knowledge to our school staffs. 
  • Pray for Spiritual life and Unity in God’s love for all our Makunda family. 
  • Pray for EHA Unit hospitals and other Christian mission hospitals for safely, financial and infrastructure needs in this time of pandemic. 
  • Pray for Nursing College Approval (NOC) from Assam Government. 
  • Pray for Church leaders, Pastors, missionaries and evangelists for God’s wisdom and knowledge to serve the Lord and community. 
  • Pray for staffs and family members to get COVID vaccine soon. 
  • Pray that Community and public to follow COVID rules carefully. 
  • Pray for Cyclone affected areas in several parts of the country and those who faced damaged and caused life for God’s direction. 
  • Pray for current challenges—Violent volcanic eruptions, hail storms, floods and earthquakes, local people to be transported to safer places, provision and protection. 
  • Pray for God’s guidance, protection and peace from Violence (People and military conflict in Myanmar, Israel & Palestine conflict and other International conflicts)

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