Recent Prayer Requests from EHA Hospitals


 Praise Points

  • Praise God for all the support HBM hospital has received to manage Covid-19 patients by the donors/supporters/individuals.
  • The team, Dr. Thomas Kurien Bhanu and Dr. Madhurita Singh, and the entire staff of HBM hospital are safe and glorifying God for His assurance and blessings. HBM hospital staff praises God for sustaining us during the second surge and providing for our needs.  

Prayer Points

  • We will shortly start a Covid Care Center at HBM hospital and need resources like human resources and rectify other deficiencies. We will be ordering many medical equipment’s for the hospital and wanting God-given wisdom in making all the purchases. 
  • We need to uphold and continuously pray for the Baar Watershed, Partnership, and Palliative Care Projects and their staff so that they benefit the community through all these services. 
  • Ashish’s daughter Kiya healing from cancer as she undergoes Chemo and Radiation at CMC Vellore.  
  • Hospital financial liabilities.  
  • Pray for more like-minded doctors/administration/nursing and other staff to join the services. 


 Praise Points

  • Praise GOD for all his Grace and help to sustain in this pandemic period. 
  • Praise GOD for all the Donations which we got for the Medical Equipment’s, Vaccination and Infrastructure modifications.  
  • Praise GOD for Distribution of Dry Ration, Thermometer and other essential medical support to staff, volunteers and PWDs. 
  • Praise GOD for all staff recovered from Covid-19, who got positive. 
  • Praise GOD for all our Donors. 
  • Praise GOD for Renewal of Society, FCRA SBI account activation and CSR registration. 
  • Praise GOD for Voluntarily helping at Hospital by staff children.  

Prayer Points

  • Backlog of 3 month’s salary to staff. 
  • Protection to all our staff from Covid-19 and other illness. 
  • Smooth vaccination 
  • Need of Gynecologist. 
  • Need of Anesthetic Doctor 
  • Need of IT person 
  • Final Audit 
  • Pending payments to suppliers and others.


 Praise Points

  • We thank God for the healing of many of our staff fell sick during this pandemic. 
  • We are grateful for the support we received many ways from our friends and partners. 
  • Staff those who were willing to come forward and help.  
  • We thank God for many of our patients got healed and discharged. 
  • Some of our specific prayers were answered during the past month. 

Prayer Points

  • All those who are working in front line.
  • Some of the staff are still on recovery.
  • Pray for the families those who lost their loved ones.  
  • Dr. Vinod Kumar (Pediatrician) lost his father recently. 
  • Some of our Projects are delayed due to lock down.  
  • Need for Staff Nurses. 
  • Need for Anesthetist and Gynecologist
  • Need for Critical Care technicians
  • Need for Staff quarters.


 Praise Points

  • God for His grace to start Covid care of 51 beds in our hospital and we could save 306 patients among 347 Covid patients till 31st May’2021.
  • Praise God, Now Covid has slowed down. Today only 2 covid + patients are there in hospital.
  • God for His protection for all front-line workers (staff) in covid care & during pandemic.
  • His sustenance in meeting all the needs of the hospital in amazing ways. 

Prayer Points

  • For to get fire Safety NOC- for the hospital from Govt.
  • Efforts are on to get Building construction permission & correction of land records.
  • Urgent need for paediatrician/General Surgeon / MDS / Civil Engineer and more nursing and clerical staff.
  • For God’s grace, as we are eagerly waiting to get NABH accreditation entry-level.

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