Project Highlight: Neerekshe

Neerekshe serves in the underdeveloped village of Muranpur. The project aims to provide education for poor children, many of them being Dalits, primary health care, medical services and vocational training. There is a special emphasis on the girl child. EHA Canada funds the Gerri Carrol Centre that provides food to pre-school children. We also assist in building hostels for poor and orphaned children. Read More


Project Highlight: Roshini

Over a period of 5 years our staff became aware of a rash of mental health issues in our neighborhood.  There were reports of domestic and gender violence and alcoholism in every second house.  These problems were extremely detrimental to the mental health of our communities.

Naye Roshini  is an integrated approach towards urban health in Raxaul town in order to bring positive transformation in the community. This will be done by raising awareness, mobilizing and organizing communities and providing primary health care in 15 wards. ‘Roshini’ means ‘light’.

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Praise Reports


1. Praise God  for His provision of funds for the new staff mess building under construction at Chhatarpur Christian Hospital.

2.  Praise God  that seven EHA staff members were able to attend the International Conference of the Indian Association of Palliative Care to gain knowledge and ideas for innovative interventions for patient care.

3.  Praise God  that Chinchpada Christian Hospital has obtained their hospital registration.

4.  Praise God  for various doctors and nurses from other Christian organizations who give of their time to share their expertise to help train EHA staff and improve EHA programs.

5.  Praise God for Christian friends who have made a major contribution toward the new nurses hostel being built at Baptist Christian Hospital in Tezpur. These new facilities are very much needed for the nursing school.

Pray for Prem Jyoti Community Project

Prem Jyoti Community Project

Dear Praying friends,


We thank the Lord all that has been happening here. Because of your prayer support we are able to move on. Our God is really our loving heavenly Father because He provides our needs at the right time. According to Psalm 121:4, He watches over us and does not sleep nor slumber and never keeps His eyes off us. We apologize for the delay in sending this letter.

New Admin Block (I floor of hospital) was completed in August. What luxury to have free working space.

ANM School is the next big step to develop our Malto Community. We are following up the applications for infrastructure development through the MSDP scheme in MCD (Minority Concentrated districts). Pray that the Lord will remove all the hurdles and bring this to pass.

New Staff: In his marvelous plan, God provided us an on-site Civil Engineer, Mr. Mohan Sunder. Staff Nurse Grace also joined us in August. Francis has joined back after completing Fellowship Hospital Administration at CMC, Vellore. His wife Jenitha has also joined the admin team. Blessy chose to work at PJ after BSc Nursing at CMC, Vellore. Rajat from Orissa has joined the CH team as Project Assistant. Pray for language learning and adjustment of all new staff.

Mobile connectivity has greatly increased in our area. In past days we were struggling to communicate with the outside world. The advocacy efforts of Pastor Vijay Verma (of Jaggo India) who visited us few months back has been instrumental in getting Airtel to improve the signal strength. Truly nothing is impossible for God! Call 08294104120 to check us out!

Independence Day in our campus was celebrated grandly. Retd Military Officer (new staff Grace’s father) hoisted the flag. We enjoyed the Bible Quiz on Book of Matthew, Boys played Volleyball and girls had Stitching Competition. We also had song composing competition on Mission & Vision of Prem Jyoti.

Staff leaving: Mr. Jeebant’s family has moved back to Orissa. Mr. Daniel Francis has shifted to Fatehpur. Mr. Barnabas Massey & Elsy left for Utraula.

Marriage Enrichment Seminar: We were blessed to have Dr. Alex (Bondo) from CFH, Oddanchatram for the MES. 15 couples attended. It was a time to renew our vows to our spouses and to deal with things that had gone wrong along the way.

CH – self-help groups: Though the process took longer than expected, the Lord has given breakthroughs in many villages. More than 25 groups are formed in the last 6 months. Women are meeting together for prayer in many villages. CDFs (Community Development Facilitators) are pressing on, working hard in the frontline.

Strength to persevere: Quite often we feel stressed out and we are tempted to give up. Satan brings all sorts of discouragements – divisions within, despondency, sickness of aging parents, and feeling of inadequacy – to try and make us leave the mission field. Pray for strength to persevere…..

Focus and Wisdom to mentor others: God has been reminding us to focus on building others – at least 3-5 per person. Pray that we will prioritize this and pay attention and create time and space for people building.

Thank you for building a hedge around us!
With much love

Prem Jyoti team
Prem Jyoti Community Hospital
Chandragodda, Sahibganj District
Jharkhand – 816 102

Phone: 08294104120 (office); 08084079182 (personal)