Who is EHA India



EHA is a large indigenous non-profit organization (NGO) that provides high quality health care in India. EHA describes itself as a fellowship of transformation through caring. 20 hospitals and 42 community health projects serve people in 12 North and North Eastern states of India. The work is primarily in rural areas among poor and marginalized people, many of whom are Dalits. EHA was established in 1970 when foreign personnel handed over a few of the hospitals to the newly created EHA Board.

Clinical Services

20 hospitals provide basic clinical services through out- patient and inpatient facilities. General surgery, Medicine, Child Health, Obstetrics, dental and eye services are offered at minimal cost.

Community Health and Development

These programs are varied and numerous. A partial list includes:

  • Adult literacy programs especially for women
  • Antenatal care in villages
  • Community based Rehabilitation
  • HIV Prevention
  • Provision of safe water and sanitation
  • Micro-enterprise schemes
  • Vocational training

Emergency Assistance during Disasters

Through this fund, EHA provides immediate response during disasters through providing food, shelter and medical care. EHA also provides long-term solutions by training communities in disaster risk reduction and stabilization.

A partial list of situations where EHA has helped include:

  • Covid Pandemic
  • Earthquake relief in Nepal 2015
  • Flood relief in Uttar Pradesh, Jammu, and Kashmir 2014
  • Flood Relief in Bihar and Andhra 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
  • Kashmir 2008
  • Tsunami affecting South East and South Asia in 2004
  • Gujarat 2001
  • Super Cyclone in Orissa in 1999
  • Kosovo refugee crisis in 1999
  • Earthquake relief  Central India 1993

New Initiatives

Recognizing the large need for human services, EHA has recently begun work in the following areas:

  • Mental health
  • Palliative services
  • Care of the elderly
  • Prevention of human trafficking
  • Bioethics Institute

Co-operation with other Agencies

EHA works with Government agencies in a health insurance scheme and various prevention programs.

EHA has a long history of working with national and international foundations such as Gates Foundation, Tear Fund etc.


EHA has a robust educational program. This includes 7 nursing schools, Pediatric postgraduate education, Family Medicine training and on going programs in neonatal resuscitation care and emergency obstetrics. There are also 2 English Primary Schools.

Spiritual Ministries

Recognizing physical, economic, and social solutions do not go far enough, EHA has a spiritual emphasis. Through its entire staff including a pastoral team and other partners EHA seeks to address spiritual issues.

Focus on the Poor

The poor and marginalized including a large number of Dalits suffer from limited access to basic health care and inadequate community services. EHA seeks to transform communities with special emphasis on the poor and marginalized in the name and spirit of Jesus Christ.