Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) is a fellowship of Christian institutions offering consistent, compassionate care to vulnerable communities across India through the provision of health care, education, and development programs.

20 hospitals and 42 community health projects serve people in 12 North and North Eastern states of India. The work is primarily in rural areas among poor and marginalized people, many of whom are Dalits.

EHA’s Vision: Transformed and thriving individuals and communities across India.

EHA’s Mission: To relieve suffering, promote holistic health, aid community development, and foster education among India’s poor and marginalized.

EHA Coronavirus Response

India is now in the throes of an apocalyptic surge in the number of covid 19 cases. Many are very sick and dying, oxygen is running out, hospital beds are unavailable, hospitals are over-crowded, front line workers are stressed and supplies are scarce. EHA has converted some of its 20 hospitals into covid centers and other hospitals are also caring for some patients with covid. EHA Canada is trying to help by supplying funds for the purchase of equipment such as beds, drugs, and by subsidizing costs for patient care. The migrant worker crisis of a year ago is another dread possibility. 

How your donation can help

  • Purchasing hospital beds
  • Supplying oxygen and drugs
  • Providing equipment – ventilators
  • Providing PPE’s, etc.
  • Subsidizing care for poor patients
  • Aid in prevention
  • Providing food for the indigent


Thank you for supporting EHA! Our goal is to raise resources to support EHA’s efforts to serve the poor in the name of Christ in North India. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding funding the ministry. We welcome your interest and participation.

PLEASE NOTE: All donations are subject to a processing fee of 3%. As well, all donations given through the CanadaHelps website are subject to an additional 3.5% processing fee. There is no cost for giving by e-transfer.

How to give:

    • Give Online
    • Give through e-transfer (ehacanada @ gmail.com)
    • Give by Direct Deposit
    • Shares and Securities
    • Give by Mail:

EHA Canada
8-115 Meadows Blvd.;
Saskatoon, SK  S7V 0E6

EHA Canada is a recognized Canadian charity (897837829RR0001).
Our books are externally audited annually.
All contributions are tax deductible.

Contact Us: alninan @ ehacanada.org

Learn about (and donate toward) EHA’s involvement in the response to Covid-19:


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