Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) is a large indigenous non-profit organization (NGO) that provides high quality health care in India. The work is primarily in rural areas among poor and marginalized people, many of whom are Dalits.

EHA Canada was established in Saskatoon, SK in 1999, as a registered Canadian Charity. One of our founding members, Abraham Ninan, was also a founding member of EHA India and worked in an EHA hospital in 1971. Our activity in Canada is to promote the work of our partners in India. We do this by raising awareness and funds, fostering prayer,  encouraging exchange of personnel between our two countries, co-operating in leadership development activities and facilitating short term and longer term missions to India.

Clinical Services and Community Health Projects

20 hospitals and 42 community health projects serve people in 12 North and North Eastern states of India.

Emergency Assistance during Disasters

Immediate response during disasters includes providing, food, shelter and medical care. EHA also provides long-term solutions by training communities in disaster risk reduction and stabilization.

Co-operation with other Agencies

EHA works with Government agencies in a health insurance scheme and various prevention programs.


EHA has a robust educational program including 7 nursing schools, Pediatric postgraduate education, Family Medicine training and ongoing programs in neonatal resuscitation care and emergency obstetrics. There are also 2 English Primary Schools.

Spiritual Ministries

Recognizing physical, economic, and social solutions do not go far enough, EHA has a spiritual emphasis. Through its entire staff including a pastoral team and other partners EHA seeks to address spiritual issues.

Focus on the Poor

The poor and marginalized including a large number of Dalits suffer from limited access to basic health care and inadequate community services. EHA seeks to transform communities with special emphasis on the poor and marginalized in the name and spirit of Jesus Christ.



Thank you for supporting EHA! Our goal is to raise resources to support EHA’s efforts to serve the poor in the name of Christ in North India. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding funding the ministry. We welcome your interest and participation.

How to give:

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EHA Canada
8-115 Meadows Blvd.;
Saskatoon, SK  S7V 0E6

EHA Canada is a recognized Canadian charity (897837829RR0001).
Our books are externally audited annually.
All contributions are tax deductible.

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