Community Based Rehabilitation

Location: Duncan Hospital, Raxaul, Bihar India
Project Leader: Mr. John Tho

Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) enables children with disabilities to enjoy an optimal quality of life, to function to the best of their potential and to improve their physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual development.

The CBR Project was started in 2003 in response to the need for services for people with disabilities in this area of Bihar. Since then, the project has grown and is now touching the lives of hundreds of people with disabilities and their families each year.

Poor children with disabilities do not access hospital services in the area around the Duncan Hospital in Raxaul, Bihar. CBR takes these services to the nearby villages in the Adapur and Sagauli blocks. Ms. Mary Ellen Sellers, a Canadian Physiotherapist and her team pioneered this innovative project.

The project is focusing on three main areas: health, education and livelihood. To support people with disabilities to achieve maximum health and independent function, the team facilitates medical assessment for people with disabilities through village medical camps or through the hospital’s OPD. They also provide home-based, goal-focused therapy for children and adults with disabilities, including support and education for their families.

They run special learning centres for children who are not able to attend local village schools, giving these children a safe and enjoyable environment in which they can learn at their own pace. The team also facilitates entry to mainstream school whenever possible.

The team supports people with disabilities to begin income generation projects such as small shops. Earning money to contribute to the household income not only helps in practical ways, but also helps the people with disabilities to grow in their own self-esteem.


CBR has requested $50,000 annually.

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