EHA Responds to Severe Flooding in Kerala

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India’s monsoon season has taken a deadly turn in the southern state of Kerala, a region devastated by recent flooding. Some parts of Kerala received over a foot of rain in one day, and the state saw over three times its seasonal rainfall as dams were forced open and entire regions were left flooded. At least 400 lives have already been lost, and over a million Kerala people are in relief camps.

The damage from the flooding in Kerala was swift, but its impact will be long-lasting. Early damage estimates range anywhere from $3 to $7 billion including lasting or irreparable damages to more than 20,000 houses, over 6,000 miles of roads, and 221 bridges. Even as the flooding begins to subside, fear of waterborne disease outbreak has risen.

EHA stands with Kerala in this time of devastation, grief, and despair. EHA has an action plan to provide food, clothing, and household items to displaced families as well as treatment for critical healthcare needs and steps toward the prevention of disease outbreaks. EHA is also exploring post-disaster psychosocial support for flood victims amidst reports of suicides following the devastating floods.

It’s impossible to fully encapsulate the devastation of a sheet of water swallowing up an entire region. What must it feel like to see all you have known washed away before your eyes?

The EHA disaster teams are already on the move. Will you join us in supporting the people of Kerala? As much as the land of Kerala is flooded, may we flood them with an outpouring of love and support! Your gift can make an immediate impact and save lives.

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