Get to know Dr. Savita Duomai of Shalom Delhi

I have been burdened since the age of 16 to serve people living with HIV. I pursued a medical education in response to this call, and joined Shalom as a Medical Consultant in 2007 after completing my post graduate studies. I have served as the Project Director since 2015 leading our multi-disciplinary team to provide holistic care for people and families with life limiting illnesses.

Savita’s Faith Journey and Call to Missions
I was 13 when I committed my life to Christ. My prayer to God at that stage was that He would use my life to be a blessing to many.

When I was 16, I became aware through news reports about a disease called HIV which was spreading rapidly in Africa and was also expected to have an impact in India. I sensed that God wanted me to serve people living with HIV and share the love of Christ with them. It was this call that led me to choose medicine as my life career.

In 1993, I was selected for Medical studies at CMC Vellore at the age of 17 years. After completing my post graduate diploma in Child health and MD in Community Medicine at CMC Vellore, I joined as a Medical Consultant at Shalom Delhi in 2007 and have been here since then. Shalom is a Project of EHA that provides holistic care for people and families living with HIV and advanced cancer. I currently serve as the Project Director of Shalom and the Coordinator for Palliative Care Services in EHA.

I am grateful to God and to EHA for the opportunity to live out my calling at Shalom. I have a strong sense that I am where God wants me to be, doing what God wants me to do. It is very satisfying and fulfilling. God has given me a beautiful family which is a priority in my life. I believe that its not work vs my family, but that work is an outflow of my family’s ministry. My husband stands by me and supports me in this calling.

It has been a privilege to partner with God to serve those who are precious to Him. To witness God at work in people’s lives is a profoundly moving experience. The act of serving others has drawn me into a deeper, more intimate relationship with Christ. Understanding the mystery that it is not us, but Christ who works in and through us to bring healing and wholeness, has illuminated for me the biblical metaphor of the Vine and branches.

In the past few years as Project Director and Coordinator of PC services, I have had the opportunity to invest in the lives of my team members. I have tried to prioritize on seeking the holistic health of team members entrusted to my care. My prayer to God is that He would refine us more and more so that there would be no obstacle, no blockage, nothing in us that would be a barrier for Him to work through us to reach out to a hurting world that so desperately needs Him.

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