4.17.20 Nav Jivan Hospital

Designated as a COVID-19 Hospital

4.17.20 Nav Jivan Hospital, Satbarwa, Jharkhand, Northeast India

“On March 30 the Deputy Commissioner and the medical team from the government visited our hospital. After going around the whole area, they decided to designate Nav Jivan Hospital (NJH) as the COVID-19 hospital for the Palamau district (population: 2 million). At first I was shocked and concerned about how our staff would react to this decision. But as I prayed, God convinced me that this is a golden opportunity for NJH to be salt and light in the community. Now is the time for God to be glorified through us.

The government hospital authorities visit us practically every day to guide and instruct us. We have set aside our eye ward of 28 beds for severe COVID-19 patients, and the old isolation wards and new private rooms for the moderate COVID-19 patients. In total we have isolated 60 beds in case of emergency.

To date there have been no positive cases identified in the Palamau district. The government and private hospitals are closed, so most of the patients are coming to us. We see nearly 80-100 patients every day. But the Deputy Commissioner has asked for the closure of the outpatient and emergency departments. I have written a letter to him that being a charitable mission organization, and having no other source of income, it would be very difficult for us to survive if we close our regular services.

The government has given us only 50 PPE kits and 70 N95 masks. Our actual requirement is 30 PPE/day and a minimum of 24 masks/day. We have requested needed essential equipment, including beds, mattresses, pillows, bedside lockers, and also medicines and other surgical items.”

~ Mrs. Helen Paul, Senior Administrative Officer

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