Through a Mental Health Project Freedom Is Found

Rihana was a 17-year-old student who developed a headache one day. Soon after that, she began behaving in an unusual manner. Her family was concerned and brought her to a community doctor. Her strange symptoms continued, with Rihana often muttering to herself and laughing loudly. Others thought perhaps she was possessed by an evil spirit, so they took her to a witchcraft practitioner, but no improvement was observed.

After the family had spent a lot of money on medical care and strong medication, Rihana was still often bedridden. At this point, Herbertpur staff in the Community Health and Development Department heard about her story. They convinced the family to give one last option a chance, and Rihana was brought to Herbertpur Christian Hospital where she was diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder. She was put on medication with counseling support.

After three months of medication, Rihana’s family could see a dramatic change in her health. With continued monitoring and care, she became stable and began regaining her abilities. Because of this, the family’s and community’s attitude
toward mental illness changed. People in the community understand that mental illness is treatable if not curable. Now Rihana is back in school, and her family is full of joy.

A Publication of EHA USA | December 2015

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