Through Community Health Programs… Literacy: A Step Toward Empowerment of Women

literacy girlsImagine being a girl and being told there is no need for you to go to school because you will just be caring for your family when you grow up. Imagine being told that you might be influenced by an “outsider,” so you cannot go to classes. Imagine not being able to voice your concerns or opinions.

In India, the overall literacy rate is 74%, but for women it is just 65%. In many areas of north India the rate is far lower. Thanks to a Community Health Program at Herbertpur Christian Hospital, a group of village girls has earned the right to gain knowledge and study for a better life. They’ve also been exposed to the love of God!

These girls had been gathering in the village center for literacy classes when Hindu religious leaders expressed opposition and villagers began causing problems for the center. This caused the literacy teacher to leave.  Refusing to give up, the group of girls banded together and decided to continue the center on their own, asking one of the girls to continue to teach them.

Seeing the determination and zeal of the girls to study and gain knowledge, the religious leaders gave in and requested the teacher to return. So this EHA literacy program will continue to help these girls move toward an educated future, empowering them to take charge of their lives.

A Publication of EHA USA | December 2015

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