Healing of Body and Soul: Amputee Finds God Faithful

manonelegLiving life as an amputee is always difficult. Living life missing parts of two legs would present even greater challenges.  Dara Singh, only 27 years old, had already lost his right leg below the knee. After developing pain indicating gangrene in his left foot, he knew he was likely to lose part of that leg as well. He begged the HCH staff to save his limb.

During his various visits, he told the doctor, “God will definitely heal me. Please do a forefoot amputation.” The doctors agreed and told him that only God can heal. Amazingly, the forefoot healed.

Dara began to attend the nearby church and made a decision to follow God. During his two-month stay at the hospital, he encouraged many fellow patients.


Thanks to EHA donors like you, he was able to stay at the hospital free of charge.  The staff were able to fit him with a prosthesis which means he will be able to work and earn a living. He is now ready to begin a new phase of his life.

A Publication of EHA USA | December 2015

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