3.31.20 Burrows Memorial Christian Hospital

Burrows Memorial Christian Hospital, Alipur, Assam, Northeast India

“At Burrows Memorial Christian Hospital, our patient numbers have dropped due to the 21-day lockdown across the country, so our income has been significantly reduced. We are taking all precautionary measures for our staff and family members within the hospital campus. We are not fully prepared—we don’t have Personal Protective Equipment kits. We have masks and gloves for our staff for the next three weeks—but we are unable to buy more. Our government was able to provide us with one weeks’ worth.

We do not have a single ventilator nor an ICU in our facility. We are using an area at the entrance of our hospital to triage patients with safety measures in place. Please remember us in your prayers as we are exposed to the hazards and perils of this world. Pray for the safety and protection of all of our staff and family members.”

~ Mr. Johnson Singson, Senior Administrative Officer

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