4.1.20 Kachhwa Christian Hospital

Kachhwa Christian Hospital, Kachhwa, Uttar Pradesh, North Central India

“At Kachhwa, we are preparing ourselves for a possible outbreak like EHA’s other hospitals. Due to limited testing facilities, it is impossible to determine who is positive. So we follow universal precautions and are triaging patients who come down with symptoms.

The whole country is on a 21-day lockdown, so the poor are really suffering, especially the daily wage earners. They have no work, no income, and no food.

We have minimal equipment at the hospital, so we have been sewing masks and making Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with sheets. We have just one ventilator and there is no availability of any in the entire country as there was already a severe shortage. Plus having the lockdown makes transportation a challenge.

So far God has protected the health of the staff, although those wearing N95 masks get exhausted quickly because they are not able to breathe fresh air. Please pray for continued protection, strength, and energy. Pray that there would be no spirit of fear but that we would operate from a spirit of love, power, and sound mind.”

~ Mr. Shankar Ramachandran, Senior Administrative Officer

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