4.3.20 Chinchpada Christian Hospital

Chinchpada Christian Hospital, Chinchpada, Maharashtra, West Central India

“We are doing okay thus far by God’s grace. Maharashtra has the most cases of any state in India (748) but we have not yet had a case at Chinchpada. Our services are available 24/7, which is something we hope to continue so that patients in our vicinity can get adequate treatment. Since there is a complete lockdown in India, people’s movement is severely restricted. In some places, village roads have been blocked on all sides with no vehicles allowed in or out. Food supplies are running out and there may be scarcity soon.

In the hospital, we have stopped having large group morning devotions together and now have it in small groups of 5 to 6 people. It is interesting to hear songs of praise coming from different areas of the hospital simultaneously.

We have started a triaging system at the gate for all patients who have a respiratory illness. They will then be taken to a separate area where distance is maintained according to the recommendations. Their check-up and sampling will be done at the same place and then recommendations will be made depending on the severity of their disease.

Staff in all areas of the hospital are wearing homemade cloth masks; we have turned raincoats into gowns and plastic bags into caps. We have 4 ventilators and 7 ICU beds, and we have designated 10 to 15 beds as an isolation facility. But we don’t have enough staff or Personal Protective Equipment, and we are not equipped to handle severe cases. Please pray for wisdom and discernment for us all as this is a very challenging time.”

~ Drs. Deepak and Ashita Singh, Senior Administrative Officer and Physicians

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