4.13.20 Madhipura Christian Hospital

Packets of Food and EssentialsCost: $27, Impact: Priceless

“Our team at Madhipura Christian Hospital has completed the second phase of distribution and are on their way home. We have distributed a month’s supply of food and essentials to 213 of the most vulnerable families in 7 villages so far. There were a few minor incidents of people demanding to be included, but overall it was uneventful. We have also begun the face mask distribution to all of our target villages.

Our team of community workers, doctors, maintenance workers, and others has done an amazing job of organizing everything and keeping track of which people have received food. Please pray for the safety of our team as they carry out this labor of love. They are determined to let nothing stop them.”

~ Dr. Arpit Mathew Jacob, Managing Director and Senior Administrative Officer

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