4.30.20 EHA’s COVID-19 Response by the Numbers

The Update

As of April 30, India has 33,610 COVID-19 cases country-wide (including 1,075 deaths), and their statistic of .76 deaths per million people is still quite low (compared to the US’s 175 deaths per million). It is possible that India’s early, all-inclusive lockdown has had a significant effect on the limited spread of the virus so far. On the other hand, India’s positive case numbers may not be accurate, given that they have only tested 48 out of every 100,000 people. Time will tell as India’s lockdown is eased on May 3, most likely maintaining some restrictions in hot spots where cases are still rising. Uttar Pradesh, India’s largest state (population, 235 million) has extended a ban on public gatherings until the end of June.

The Response

Many of EHA’s hospitals, as well as their disaster response team and Shalom Delhi Project, have focused their efforts on meeting the immediate needs around them by providing food, soap, and education about the virus. Below are the statistics on all EHA has accomplished so far.

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