4.28.20 Shalom Aids Hospital

4.28.20 Shalom Delhi Project, Delhi, North Central India

“This season has turned out to look nothing like what we expected. More than likely, that’s the case for most of you as well.

We are currently in a lockdown, which is essential to save the country from a rapid outbreak of COVID-19. But the lockdown has aggravated the distress of the families we work with, those whose livelihoods depend on their daily income. Many of these families and individuals living with HIV or cancer are likely to fall through the cracks, so at Shalom Delhi we are endeavoring to support them as best we can.

We have been amazed at the faithfulness of individuals, faith-based organizations, and funding organizations in providing for the needs of the vulnerable among us. We are also deeply grateful that none of the people we work with have been infected.

So far, here are the specific COVID-19 responses from Shalom Delhi:

  • Provided grocery money to 28 families, 11 transgender people, 15 people living with terminal cancer, and 12 girls coming from families in dire need, so that no one starves.
  • Continued to pay the wages of the women who sew at our Kiran Project, even though they are unable to work during the lockdown.
  • Made regular phone calls to the adolescents we work with in order to improve mental health, provide encouragement, and give comfort to them during this difficult time of lockdown with no school.
  • Planned to give food hampers for 24 weeks to 25 HIV-positive families, 15 cancer-affected families, and 15 transgender people to help them with temporary setbacks and a loss of income.
  • Made daily calls to all of our home-based-care families (HIV and cancer-affected).
  • Worked on procuring PPE kits and N95 masks and other equipment for Shalom medical staff.

Thank you for your care and support.”

~ Dr. Rajni Herman, Director of Shalom Delhi

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