5.5.20 Champa Christian Hospital

Supplying Masks to One and All

5.5.20 Champa Christian Hospital, Champa, Chhattisgarh, Central India

“At Champa we have started a separate clinic for all patients with flu symptoms. We have seen more than 50 cases in this clinic and have referred them to the COVID-19 center for further testing. We do not know the results.

Our community department has supplied dry goods and hygiene kits to 300 families. We are stitching masks and supplying them to everyone who comes to the hospital, including the vegetable vendors. We have gone out into the community to raise awareness about COVID-19 and teach the importance of handwashing.

So far, we have been able to continue to pay staff salaries and other bills even with less patient income. Our district has seen less cases of COVID-19, so the lockdown was effective here. Time will tell what comes next as the lockdown is eased.“

~ Mrs. Manjula Ummareddy, Senior Administrative Officer

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