5.5.20 Nav Jivan Hospital

5.5.20 Nav Jivan Hospital, Satbarwa, Jharkhand, Northeast India

“Nav Jivan Hospital (NJH) has been designated as the dedicated COVID-19 hospital for both moderate and severe cases in our area. We have prepared 25 beds for severe cases and 45 beds for moderate cases. At present we have 3 COVID-19 positive patients who were admitted April 25. They are asymptomatic.

Through the community department of NJH, we have planned to distribute hygienic bags (bathing and washing soaps, triple-layer face mask, and sanitary pads) and dry goods (rice, lentils, soy nuggets, oil, mixed powders) for 750 families. This is being done through the support of the Indo Global Social Service Society.

Our income has drastically fallen. On the whole, patient numbers have dropped due to the COVID-19 patients here. This month will be financially tough for us if we do not admit any general patients.

Already the shops across the street are closed for us; they have stopped selling groceries to our staff because we have admitted COVID-19 patients. The majority of the community is treating our staff as untouchables.

Our area is in the orange zone, so restrictions are still in place. The migrant workers are returning and so we are expecting the virus to spread. These returning migrants will not have any jobs, and poverty will soon overtake them. More jobless labourers and no food means theft will increase.

But we are praying that God will protect Jharkhand, where the poorest of the poor are residing. The state will not be in a position to treat the severe COVID-19 cases due to the lack of equipment and supplies such as good PPE, N95 masks, and full-capacity ventilators and monitors. For our 25 beds set aside for severe patients, the government has given us only 3 ventilators and 3 monitors. What if more than 3 patients are admitted? Only God can save them. It is scary at this point and hence we earnestly praying that no patients should be positive. May God have mercy on this state.”

~ Mrs. Helen Paul, Senior Administrative Officer

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