5.5.20 Duncan Hospital

5.5.20 Duncan Hospital, Raxaul, Bihar, North India

“By the grace of God we are safe and have yet to see the first COVID-19 positive patient. Our district, East Champaran, has over 10 positive patients tested elsewhere, and with the end of the lockdown we are expecting numbers to rise. However, with very poor testing facilities we will never accurately know who has the virus.

Our community teams are continuing to provide dry rations to the poor and needy in our community.

The financial ramifications for Duncan are that with people avoiding hospitals and elective care, our income continues to be at about 30 to 40 percent of normal. We are struggling with providing staff salaries, making purchases, and continuing needed construction. We are very grateful to God for the comforts we have while many of our fellow Indians struggle.

With the relaxation of the lockdown, we have had some increase in patient numbers. With this comes the fear of a possible increase in community spread of the virus, and if for some reason the hospital tests positive for some patients or staff, we could end up being closed, which is what a few hospitals in other parts of the country have had to face.

Over time we could face a surge of sick people or a surge of people who are coming for treatment after a prolonged duration of neglect. We hope God will be merciful on the weak and that he would shield us and keep the hospital staff healthy as we help those who have been affected directly or indirectly by the virus.”

~ Dr. Prabhu Joseph, Acting Managing Director, Duncan Hospital

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