5.6.20 Chinchpada Christian Hospital

“At Chinchpada we have a separate flu outpatient department where we refer suspect patients to the government centers. We have referred 10 patients so far, but have not treated any yet.

Due to the lockdown, our patient numbers and income are down by 40 percent. This has led us to take measures such as paying our staff only 50 percent of their salaries for the months of March and April. Also, we have stopped all work on repairs, construction, and renovation. We have reduced our supply purchasing and are frequently running out of items.

Our state of Maharashtra has by far the most COVID-19 cases in India, currently at 14,541, including 583 deaths. The lockdown has not eased here as the government awaits data on new cases.

In April, we ”adopted” 500 vulnerable families and were able to distribute dry goods to them. We have now started the cycle for May as well.

Our major concerns are for patients who require regular care but are not able to travel to us due to restrictions based on districts. Our hospital borders two districts of Maharashtra, one of Madhya Pradesh, and one of Gujarat. Patients are struggling to find a hospital for needed non-COVID-19 treatment because so many facilities are closed. And the migrant workers who will probably not be able to travel for their work are going to face crisis for their families’ well-being which will affect their health as well.”

~ Dr. Deepak Singh, Senior Administrative Officer

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