5.8.20 Kachhwa Christian Hospital

5.8.20 Kachhwa Christian Hospital, Kachhwa, Uttar Pradesh, North Central India

“So far we have not had to treat any COVID-19 positive patients at Kachhwa. Our hospital is not designated as a COVID-19 unit yet. The first positive patient in our area was identified yesterday in a village near us. She had returned from Mumbai. Now this area is sealed.

So far, we have distributed dry goods to 1,160 of the most needy families in 58 nearby villages. This included provisions for 21 families of our palliative care patients and 86 families of people with disabilities. Each family received rice, flour, lentils, potatoes, salt, oil, and spices. Most also received a bar of soap to encourage handwashing. All told, we have given away 12,125 pounds of rice, 12,125 pounds of wheat flour, 4,850 pounds of lentils, 4,850 pounds of potatoes, 1,212 pounds of salt, 73 gallons of oil, and 600 bars of soap!

Our patient numbers have dropped significantly at the hospital, and even more so after the positive case was found in the area yesterday. This means our income has been reduced, and salaries and other payments are being delayed. Hopefully patient numbers will pick up in a couple of weeks.

Thank you for your support during this challenging time.”

~ Mr. Shankar Ramachandran, Senior Administrative Officer

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