05.14.20 Update

The Update
The first three COVID-19 positive patients treated at an EHA hospital have recovered completely and been sent back home.

As of May 14, India has 78,003 COVID-19 cases countrywide—a 56% increase from a week ago (including 2,549 deaths). Despite this rise, India is easing its restrictions. On Tuesday, the national railway began a limited restart to operations. Concern is rising that travelers heading home will bring the virus with them.

The Response
EHA staff continue to distribute food and essentials to those in need. Shops are beginning to open as the lockdown is eased, but the supply of goods is inconsistent and the actions of desperate people are feared. All of the EHA hospitals are sending suspected cases to district facilities for testing. Since the lockdown, patient numbers are down to 20-40% of normal, and many EHA hospitals have been unable to pay staff salaries for at least a month.

Initially, only 3 EHA hospitals were designated as COVID-19 facilities, but now a total of 7 have been chosen (or are under consideration): Broadwell Christian Hospital, Chhatarpur Christian Hospital, Chinchpada Christian Hospital, Harriet Benson Memorial Hospital, Lakhnadon Christian Hospital, Nav Jivan Hospital, and Prem Sewa Hospital. Please keep them all in your prayers.

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