Through an Amazing EHA Team… The Lame Shall Walk

The name Milan means “to bring together” in Hindi. The young man named Milan who came to EHA for help certainly brought together an amazing team. At the age of 26, he had been experiencing back and hip pain for 10 years. His hips were beginning to fuse together which would prevent him from working in manual labor and devastate his family.
Milan and his medical team

He needed a hip replacement in both hips — a major undertaking. He was told to travel to Herbertpur Christian Hospital 3,000 km (1900 miles) away — an almost impossible feat for a poor young Indian man. But Milan had enough faith to travel to the other end of India where the language and culture would be totally different — and enough faith to put his life in the hands of a medical team he had only heard about. He had only $2,000 of the $5,000 needed for the hip implants, and planned to sell the only plot of land his family owned to make up the difference. Staff at Herburtpur refused to allow him to do so, trusting God to make up the difference.

At the time of his surgery, a renowned orthopedist from the southern-most state in India was visiting Herbertpur, and he offered his services. Milan stayed 90 days and went through two major surgeries and a host of other issues along the way — and he saw God provide again and again. The staff rushed to get blood when he needed it, and they prayed for him when he felt depressed. Others gave to meet his financial needs.

Milan, through his step of faith in travelling so far in the hope of being able to walk again truly brought everyone together, reminding us once again of the enormous need there is for the type of care EHA provides. The trust patients like Milan have in EHA causes staff to go the extra mile to help bring healing. The day Milan walked out of the hospital on his own was a day of joy for all to see.

A Publication of EHA USA | December 2015

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