EHA’s Golden Jubilee Celebration: 50 Years Celebrating God’s Faithfulness

50 years of existence is an exceptional milestone for any organization! It is a testimony to God’s goodness, faithfulness and His constant watching over EHA through various challenges. It is a celebration of thousands of lives touched and transformed through the commitment and sacrifice of staff in EHA, both past and present. From its inception, EHA has played an important role in medical missions, providing quality healthcare to the underserved and unreached in our country.

It has been my privilege to have been associated with EHA for the past 15 years as a friend, well-wisher and Board member and to have seen the organization grow while remaining relevant to the communities it serves. The journey of these 50 years is a story of EHA reinventing itself, adapting and learning to meet the medical and health needs of marginalized populations while continuing steadfast in Christian commitment and
compassionate care.

The environment in which we work today is rapidly changing providing both opportunities and challenges to fulfill our mission. Increasing government regulations, commercialization of medical care leading to unethical practices, advancing technology in medicine which while far more precise remains unaffordable for the poor. In addition, there is the increasing scarcity of healthcare professionals willing to work in remote and rural areas.

Amidst these critical changes lie opportunities for EHA to remain true to its mission. High quality, affordable healthcare continues to be an unmet need for many in our country especially those in remote areas. It calls for bold initiatives and innovative approaches to re-align current practices, priorities and programmes to fill critical gaps, to be relevant to meet the Sustainable Development Goals, to develop sustainable models of high quality, ethical care, to expand the scope of medical missions to community based and community driven approaches and last but not the least, to mentor and build a cadre of committed, highly skilled Christian professionals willing to go where the greatest need exists.

As EHA celebrates this significant milestone, I encourage each one in the organization to renew their dedication and commitment to be agents of change and an embodiment of Christ’s love so that those most marginalized experience health and wellbeing with dignity.

The essence of medical missions is ordinary people responding to God’s call and, as a result, doing extraordinary things with exceptional results. The call to medical missions is about following the example of Jesus and making a difference in the lives of people and communities that others overlook. It is a call to bring justice and hope to those whom the world may not value, but on whom God places great value.

The mission field still exists, the scope and challenges far beyond the realm of medicine alone. The call to go out and minister in the name of Jesus still sounds. Let us always be willing.

Dr. Sunil Anand, Chairman

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