3.25.20 Corvid 19 and India

In this time of global crisis as we face the spread of the coronavirus, we ask that you remember Emmanuel Hospital Association’s 20 hospitals and the staff who faithfully serve at each one.

Statistics show the following:

  • India has 1 doctor for every 11,600 people (the US has 1 doctor per 300).
  • India has 1 hospital bed per 1,800 people.
  • India has 1 isolation bed per 84,000 people. (Many of their hospital beds are lined up together in an open room.)
  • India has 1 quarantine bed per 36,000 people.

The health infrastructure in India is woefully stretched even during ordinary times, especially in rural North India, where EHA serves. You can see from the statistics that their medical staff are likely to be overwhelmed, and EHA does not have adequate beds, ventilators, and other supplies to be able to weather this crisis.

Please pray for protection, endurance, and encouragement for each and every person serving with EHA. While we in the North America are concerned about the virus, those in India are likely to experience a significantly more serious situation.

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